Lift / Lowering kits, Performance Upgrades, Specialist Repairs, Restoration and Preservation.
We do a wide range of custom fabrication including, Suspension Systems, Intakes, Axles and Steering.
We do Custom Paint Jobs to customer specs or we can repair to factory. Plus we offer a 3 year warranty.
What our customers think
Top notch work by top notch guys! Attention to detail is self evident. The straightforward business model is refreshing.
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Why BattleBorn Premium Paint Jobs Are Better.
Every BattleBorn custom paint job comes with a 3 year warranty for barrier and craftmanship.
Have it done once and done right. Don't trust your beloved muscle car or classic restoration investment to a cheap paint job done with cheap materials!
Got a 700 - 1000 Horsepower Car Repair? Bring It Jacksonville! We specialize in High Performance Auto Repairs!
Because we concentrate on high performance cars (and own a few) we know how much money is tied up into your custom car investment.
You don't want a shop that rarely sees anything over 600 hp to "learn" that you can bend a valve or break a spring on a test drive real quick!
We Are The Creative Auto Body Shop For Your Muscle Car!
With Over 20yrs In Building Custom Performance Cars You Can Bring Us Your Off-The-Wall Crazy Ideas!
The biggest thing that stands out about Battle Born custom fabrication is our ability and desire to do the craziest off the wall type modification that you want done.